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Decorating your Front Yard for Halloween

If you’re serious about Halloween, you don’t wait until October 1st to start planning this year’s decor and festivities. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect Halloween setup, and more important than anything are the outdoor decorations. Not only do Trick-or-Treaters come by on the 31st, but they’re likely to set the mood for a spooky season all October long! To master the outdoor decorations, there are a few things that truly tie the yard together, and we’re going to break down the best ways to be the best house on the block!

Front Yard Essentials for Halloween Decorations

Nothing says spooky Halloween spirit like a decorated front yard. From the sidewalk to the front door, there are tiny things you can add to make sure you are the best looking house around town.


A front yard with grass is prime for a good looking graveyard. There are a lot of decorations that can be hard to manage in the October wind and sometimes wild weather. Luckily, most gravestone decorations are a bit heavier, even if they are made with plastic. They often stick into the ground easily as well, without the need for a hammer or anything heavy duty like that. A few spread across the yard are a spooky addition to the yard, and make Trick-or-Treaters think twice about heading to your door. Hopefully, they’re brave enough!

These make a great, simple edition, and are also easy on the wallet. For many who decorate for Halloween, the trick is finding the best deals. Many plastic gravestones come in packs, seeing as a single stone might look silly by itself in a yard. Also, they run fairly cheap, especially as it gets closer and closer to Halloween and in the off-season. Another cheap decoration also adds a nice touch to your yard, without any major cost or effort to you.

Spider Webs

There’s nothing more classic than spider webs when it comes to Halloween decor. Outdoors, it can be a bit of a gamble since the material of decorative webs is so light. Nevertheless, putting some in the gutters, on outdoor seating, or even bushes can really make the home stand out among the others. When shopping for Halloween decor, many pickup spider webs for the sheer fact that they are so inexpensive. Most giant bags can go for under $5. It’s also a decoration that can be used inside and outside.

Some spider webs come in white, but for an extra spooky look, try out purple or green. This will give the web a haunted, poltergeist look and make the webs stand out at night. Of course, it may be hard to see them without proper lighting, which leads us to the next must-have for your front yard.

Halloween Lights

There are two routes you can take with some spooky outdoor lighting. The first is a bit more subtle. Changing outdoor lights on the garage or near the front door to a festive color can really add a nice touch to your home. Many go with orange, but a purple, green, or even gray if you can find it, can really add a great touch to your decor. Some option to go with normal lights to illuminate outdoor decorations, but that can kind of take away the fun of the holiday! The darker and more mysterious the better, right? If you are someone who feels like the bigger, the better, consider the more exuberant option of Halloween lights.

Believe it or not, many do choose to put up Halloween string lights. These are often a bright color, like a purple or orange. It is for a more showy look to outdoor decoration, but festive in its own way. If placing them outside, some bush lights or shrub decorating can really make a home look Halloween ready!

Standing Figures and Statues

If you have a little more money to play with, it can be a real game changer to feature a standing figure or statue. These are sometimes automatronic, and others are just simply plastic. The price range varies for these, but they certainly stand out among the common decorations like lights or spider webs. Many choose to feature a statue on their porch near the door for Trick-or-Treaters. Some also place them in the yard to give the whole outdoor arrangement a haunted presence.

The great thing about a standing figure or statue is the fact that it draws attention to the yard. If you work hard on your decorations outdoors, you want neighbors and passersby to enjoy what you’ve created. This is a good way to draw them in, and will make you the talk of the town come Halloween night. If you really want to go above and beyond, there’s an even more unique way to make your house stand out.

Halloween Door Decorations

Something that everyone knows to be true about decorating is that it can be tough to make your home really stand out. Anything you can buy at a local brick and mortar is going to possibly be in someone else’s yard, and worse, you may pick decorations that seem like you just threw some things out for the sake of the holiday. To really shine and stand out, Halloween door decorations can turn your front door into a living Halloween scape. A wreath or spider webs can make a door pop, but to really go all out, many choose full door wraps for an ultimate visual effect. Look at the effect these scary door covers have on your Halloween theme.

A door wrap is easy to install and set up, and can last year after year with good care. With sights like a witch’s lab or a haunted pumpkin patch, a door wrap transforms a boring old front door into an active, living part of your outdoor Halloween decorations. 


For more DIY front door decorations check out this great article DIY Front Door Decorations













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