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DIY Front Door Decorations

DIY Front Door Decorations

When someone comes to your house for the first time, the first thing they notice is the décor that you set up on your front door – and this can leave a lasting impact on your guests, and you want to make sure that the impression is one that is nothing short of great! Don’t be among the ones who accept door décor to be as it is from previous house owners or builders; make it something that is unique to you and one that gives off a welcoming vibe to all guests. This may make you question, how? How is it possible to customize your door decorations to something that describes you? We’ll break down 7 great ways to accomplish this from DIY projects to new technologies that make it easy to transform your door in less than 28-seconds to something spectacular. Let’s jump in.

1. Using chalkboards: Using chalkboards can help you create a welcoming vibe that can make your guests feel homely. You can include all kinds of messages on your chalkboard from welcome messages and inspiring quotes to even monograms. If you are anticipating guests coming over at your place, you could write a personalized message for them, to make them feel special! Using a chalkboard is great because you can change what you write on your chalkboard from time to time or season to season. It adds an extremely warm and homely touch to your front door. Also, chalkboards are minimalistic in design and aesthetically pleasing. One recommendation would be not to go overboard with designing the chalkboard as it can make it look cluttered and dirty. Keep it simple and elegant and you are good to go!

2. Hanging flower baskets: Hanging flower baskets are another minimalistic door décor piece that adds an earthy feel. They look gorgeous especially when they are filled with beautiful fresh flowers. You could customize it by adding your favorite flowers to the basket. Our recommendation would be to add flowers that give off a subtle beautiful fragrance like jasmine, rose and lilies; so that when anyone comes to your doorstep, they are welcomed with a beautiful fragrance. If, however, you would like to use faux flowers, then it would be best to buy the ones that have realistic looking stems so that it doesn’t look fake and it’s also best to go with subtly scented ones.

3. Fabric Door Covers: New printing technologies combined with the world going digital allow any image to be transposed onto a door using a piece of athletic fabric. is the market leader in this space with over 1,000+ images you can choose from or you can upload your own image or artwork. This is a great way to decorate your doors for all major holidays and special occasions. For busy parents, this makes it simple to transform your door into anything you want in under 28-seconds. Door covers for decorating the interior or exterior of your house is a great way to display that holiday spirit. DoorFotos are washable, reusable and hanging them on the interior or exterior doors at the home or office is much like putting on a fitted bedsheet.

4. Painting your front door: Painting your front door can really add a whole new dimension of aesthetic to it. Usually, the front door colors are dull and not too appealing. Adding a pop of color can make it look a lot more alive and striking. You can add colors ranging from light to dark; whichever you like best. However, our recommendation would be to go with a darker shade. This can help you hide any dirt or flaws in your front door, making them practically impossible to notice. You can then use decoration pieces to hang on your door to add to its design. Don’t go overboard with adding decoration pieces to your door after you have painted it as you will them compromise its simplicity and elegance. If you want some PIZAZZ and don’t mind a little extra cleaning, then go BOLD with colors that POP. Think Oranges, Turquoise, and vibrant Yellows and Blues.

5. Wood cut-outs: If you are more of a DIY person, then we highly recommend you go for the “wood cut-outs” option! The best thing about doing something yourself is that you have the freedom to design it however you like and customize it accordingly. You could literally have a wood cut-out of anything you like or anything you think would look pretty; some examples would be animal cut-outs (maybe a cut out resembling your pet!), flowers, abstract shapes with different colors or even a giant flip flop! We absolutely loved how quirky and fun this idea is!


6. Watering cans and rainboots: Yes, you read that right! Do you own watering cans or rainboots that you don’t happen to use or wear anymore? Well then, hammer a nail to your door and hang a watering can or a rainboot to it. But don’t leave it as it is, beautify it! You might ask, how? Well, paint it with a striking color, go for dark or bright colors and add plenty of flowers inside it. This will make it look super aesthetic and add a unique touch to your front door!

7. Letter monograms: There is no better to personalize your front door décor than by adding your initials or letters referring to something about yourself on your front door decoration. You can buy letter cutouts and customize them by painting it, wrapping it with thick threads, adding lights around it or sticking handmade ribbons on them. You could even make DIY flowers or pompoms with crepe paper and stick it to the letters to make them look even more pretty! Letter monograms are great decorative pieces for your front door giving it an edgy and fashionable look!

These are some of the many front door décor ideas that we have curated for you. Designing your front door may seem like a task that is not so interesting, but we hope that these ideas for front door décor give you an idea on how to bring your dull front door to life! You may think you aren’t “creative” enough, but there is no such thing as “no creativity” in a person, unleash your inner creativity whilst decorating your front door to make it look aesthetic. Or if you’re like me, maybe you just want to click on something and buy it NOW. That’s ok too.

All the ideas mentioned can be mixed and matched with one another – for instance, you could paint your front door to navy blue and add flower baskets with white flowers on them. This stark contrast will give an eye appealing look to it. However, be careful not to add too many things as this can make your front door look all crammed up and dirty! Keep it simple and elegant by adding few striking elements that leave a lasting impression on your guests and makes them feel welcomed to your space. 

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