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Quarantine Grad Door Banner

Graduation Door Banner

A Door to Celebrate Graduation during a Pandemic

While adults are capable of understanding the serious impact of the pandemic and restrain themselves better from wanting unnecessary contact with people, young kids and adolescents don't find it so. Graduation, like a cherished few rites of passage in life, is meant to be celebrated with family and friends. The children are thrilled and proud of themselves because they have crossed one of the biggest hurdles of their lives, and are eager to see what's going to happen next. They naturally want to make such a moment special rather than staying locked down at home! There's only so much happiness and fun people can share on Skype chats and Instagram. So are your children destined to be disappointed this year, with nothing special to be done for one of the most important moments of their lives? The good news is, there is one great option still available for you!

What's the Option?

While the happy dads are engaged in making some lip-smacking, sizzling barbecues, the mothers and children tend to connect in a more emotional manner. A tight hug, a few tears and plenty of laughter - let your child know that their joy means as much to you as it does to them. By living in the moment and making the best of these difficult times, you can still make some wonderful memories to brighten up this bleak period. But wanna know what else can do the trick? A fantastic, larger than life, vibrant, fabric door cover!

DoorFoto™ is the leading manufacturer of high-quality fabric door covers, is available for hire even at this time. Maintaining strict precautionary measures while creating the product as well as doing contact-less delivery, this young company with creative ideas can offer a solution to your problem which can also become a prized possession for your child in the long run.

Door covers are mostly used for decorative purposes. Select an image of your choice from a library of over 1,000+ and get it blown up on the door using a special blend of polyester and spandex. And if you can't find an image that you LOVE you can create your own with an easy to use design online tool. That's all it takes to get a stunning view of the galaxy with sparkling stars against a purple sky, or the calm waters of a pond with green-white lilies adorn on your door. In a jiffy, your dull, boring brown or beige door can be transformed into a piece of art to make your room interesting and create better vibes in it. But for you, parents, there's an even better road to go down - make a fantastic graduation door banner to tell the world about your child's triumph!

The Graduation Door Banner

First things first - let's quickly look at what a door cover is and why it's a fabulous right choice for you. For those of you who don't know - door covers are a perfect way to decorate interior and exterior doors. You drape the cover over the face of the door and tuck the edges in at each corner. 28-seconds later and Voila! You've got yourself a fancy makeover for your door! Door covers can be made of many materials, but the fabric ones are the best option for you. Why? Because they are easy to wash and maintain, their reusable and they provide the best quality. Oh, and did we mention they only take 28-seconds to put up and takedown. Unlike plastic or plastic-based covers that are cheap looking (because they are cheap), you won't have to worry about adding hooks to your door or deal with double-sided tape that could ruin your door. 

Another reason why fabric door covers are such a great option? Picture your son or daughter's smiling face wearing the graduation cap and robe. Can you imagine that bright, hopeful, and happy face rendered on a sheet of plastic that is utilitarian but cold and unnatural to touch? Imagine the same photo or painting rendered onto some good quality, 100% American athletic material - doesn't it immediately seem like a warmer and more natural picture? That's what DoorFoto™ has to offer you - the best quality materials for impressive door covers.

Against a graduation backdrop, the door banner can feature the star of the moment alone or with his/her group of friends. This is just another way to portray one of the most joyful moments of their life with friends on a big canvas - the door cover, which your kids can look at and feel a little closer to their friends. Social distancing won't seem that harsh anymore! Plus, these door covers are made to last, and can easily be customized to fit doors of most sizes. And when it's time to take it down and hang one up for July 4th or Halloween or Christmas, yep, you guessed it, just 28-seconds to takedown and hang up another one.

A Unique Graduation Message

A door cover as a graduation gift is an unconventional option to consider. But during these challenging times, make the most of these quirky options to make things interesting and to show your kids just how much you appreciate their hard work and achievements. Door covers can be used to put an inspiring quote on the event of your kid's graduation, or it can simply show a background of caps merrily strewn about as a symbol of freedom, happiness, and excitement for the future. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, or get creative with your own, unique graduation congratulatory message for your kid. And when you drape that special cover on a favorite door in your house, it would be a reminder that difficult times may come and stay longer than usual, but they will ultimately go away one day and leave us with options to work hard and achieve greater heights of success!




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