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4th of July Decorations

The 4th of July is a festive occasion when everyone comes together to celebrate the independence of this great nation, and what better way to celebrate than to decorate the interior and exterior of your house with wonderful July 4th decorations! Let your patriotic side come through during this beautiful holiday by using our tips and tricks for decorating your front doors, office doors, bedroom doors or any other door where you want to add some POP! Check out our 7 DIY Door Decorations article to get the creative juices flowing and swirling.

Flags, flags and more flags: Sticking two flags on your front door in a cross, facing opposite each other is one of the classic yet elegant styles that you can adopt if you want to go for a simple look. You can, however, make it look fancier and more festive by making tiny flags and sticking them all over your front door to add a cute yet simple look. Don’t overdo it as too many flags will make it look too cluttered. Keep it few and pretty!

Fabric Door Covers: This might be a new concept for you, but we promise you it’s something to look into. Simple, yet so impactful. DoorFoto.com created a strong, thin, durable athletic fabric that wraps over the 4 corners of your door like a fitted bedsheet. Because it is made of fabric it won’t scratch your door and it is washable, reusable, has a little bit of stretch and takes less than 28-seconds to install. Check out their incredible July 4th collection. These make for perfect door covers for decorating the interior and exterior doors and fit on standard door sizes of 36x80, 36x96, 30x80 and 32x80.

Patriotic Door Cover 

Go DIY: If you can’t find the perfect decoration online or offline then why not make it yourself? The best part about doing decorations yourself is you can make them exactly how you would like it to look. You could make anything from cones, flowers, ribbons and other décor in the classic red, white and blue colors. You could even go the extra mile and make some super awesome origami of various things and hang it on your door! This will make your decorations look a lot more unique in comparison to the old school July 4th décor.

patriotic door wreath

Painting your door: This might seem too far-fetched, but if you wish to go all out (unleash your patriotic side), then you might want to consider painting your front door to the colors of the USA flag. You could get even more creative by making the design of the flag on your front door to give it a unique and superb front door décor look! We are sure you’ll receive plenty of compliments after all that hard work and the fantastic outcome!

fourth of july decorations

July 4th is one of the special days in our history and it is a day that people wholeheartedly celebrate the togetherness and love of people in this country. Enjoy the celebrations by transforming your front yard to a beautiful July 4th themed décor, and don’t miss out on your front door – remember that’s the first thing people notice when they are waiting at your doorstep! Use our creative and fun ideas to make your front door décor look fantastic while you enjoy the July 4th celebrations! For more great ideas check out some other great front door decorations.






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