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Red Friday: Remembering Everyone Deployed

Red Friday: Remembering Everyone Deployed

Red Friday is a day to remember all of the deployed troops. It falls on the Friday before Memorial Day, and it is a day when we show our support for military members and their families. On this day, people wear a red shirt to show their dedication to those who are fighting for our country. Red Friday is also a time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We owe so much to the men and women who serve in the military, and we should take every opportunity to thank them for their service.

Some history on Red Friday

The tradition of wearing red on Friday originated to show support for the military began during World War II. On Friday, May 15, 1942, the Chicago Tribune published a front-page article with the headline "Wear Red Tomorrow." The article encouraged Americans to do this as a sign of solidarity with the troops.

In the years since Red Friday has continued to grow in popularity. People all over the country show their support for military members and their families on Red Friday. Some businesses give discounts to those who wear red on Fridays, and many schools hold special assemblies or events to remember the troops who have served our country.

Red Friday is a time to remember all of those who have served our country, and it is a day when we can come together to show our appreciation for their sacrifice. We should never forget the troops who are fighting for our freedom, and we should always be grateful for their service. Thanks to all of our military members for their dedication and service. We remember you today and always.

Ways to show your support

If you want to show your support for the military on Red Friday, you can decorate your home or office with red, white, and blue decorations of all kinds. And you can of course wear your red shirt on Red Friday!

Make your own signs

DIY projects are always a good option to choose when decorating. For Red Friday you could make signs that say things like “Thank You for Your Service” or “We Remember Our Heroes.”

You could also put up a sign that says "Support Our Troops" or "We Remember." There are many ways to show your support, and every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Put out American flags or other patriotic decorations

Another way to show your support for the military on Red Friday is by putting up American flags or other patriotic decorations. This is a popular choice amongst many Americans because it is such a classic way to show you support our troops!

You could put out a red, white, and blue wreath on your door to show your patriotism. Look for local Artisans on websites like Etsy. And do you know what pairs perfectly with a wreath? A DoorFoto of course! Our athletic fabric wraps are made completely by hand from start to finish and made right here in the U.S.A!

Make sure you check out our 1800+ images online so you can find the right one that pairs with your patriotic decorations for Red Friday!

Thank a veteran

If you have military family members or simply know a veteran, take the time to thank them for their service. Veterans have made huge sacrifices for our country, and they deserve our gratitude. It will make their day to hear how much appreciation you have for all of the sacrifices they have made, and it will make you feel good too.

Browse our patriotic DoorFotos

If you're looking for the perfect way to show your support for our troops on Red Friday, look no further than DoorFoto. We have a wide selection of patriotic DoorFotos that are sure to put a smile on your face. And remember, all of our DoorFotos are made in the USA!

Remember Everyone Deployed

To get even more specific, if you simply type in "Red Friday" on our website, you will see these 3 beautiful Red Friday-designed DoorFotos ready to be ordered! And remember, if you do not see one you like, you can always send us your personal Red Friday image, or you can contact us to help you design one that is perfect for you!

Red Friday

Show your support on social media

If you can't put up decorations, you can still show your support for the military by sharing messages of support on social media. Use the hashtag #RedFriday to share your message.

You could also write a post about why you're grateful for the military personnel and military families and what they mean to you. If you know someone personally that fought in the military, maybe you could even post your favorite photo of them and talk about why you are so thankful for their service!

Wear red on Fridays

The best and easiest way to show your support for the military on Red Friday is simply by wearing red. Simple wearing a red shirt shows that you're dedicated to the cause and that you support our troops. Plus, it looks so nice to see the country wear red on Red Fridays in support of the military community!

Another clever idea to incorporate the color red is by decorating your house in red. This is a great way to show your support of the armed forces if you can't wear red for whatever reason. You could buy or make your own red decorations to put up inside and outside your house.

You could even have us make you an all-red DoorFoto for you to hang up on your front door to show your support! Check out our personalization section on our website to find out how we can help you get exactly what you want for your Red Friday decorating.


There are so many ways to participate in Red Friday and support our troops. Wearing red clothing, or simply a red shirt tends to be the most popular choice, but you can show your support in any way you choose, as long as it is respectful of course! No matter how you choose to participate, remember the men and women who have served our country and are currently deployed. They deserve our support and gratitude. Thanks again for all that you do military personnel and military families and community!

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