Custom Cat Door Covers Made from Athletic Fabric - DoorFoto™
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Custom Cat Door Cover

Is there anything more annoying than a person that refers to themselves as a pet parent? Yes, there is... it’s someone that does not understand your devotion to your pet. Screw those people. Fly your pet parent flag loud and proud with your very own HD pet parent DoorFoto™. Turn your front door into a shrine for Fluffy. Click to the right and start making your own!
Things to check for after customizing your image
  • Text size is legible and stands out against the background
  • Information is accurate and spelled correctly
  • Images are of high resolution. The lower the resolution of your image the more pixelated/blurry your DoorFoto™ will look when we blow it up to the size of a door. We recommend an image size of at least 2MB.
Please Note: Because your photo will be woven into the fabric, colors will likely appear darker than the preview image on the next page.


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