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Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

Christmas parties are the best way to celebrate the holidays. It’s a good excuse to bring together close friends or the whole family, and best of all, you don’t have to plan a theme! Throwing a Christmas party can seem a little daunting, but considering this easy to follow guide on the perfect holiday bash, you can rest easy knowing that you’re preparing a holly, jolly time for everyone who is invited!

Ways to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party

There are a lot of great ways to make a Christmas party memorable. For one, everyone knows that they’re going to have a good time. The Christmas season brings out the brightest smiles and the happiest moods of any holiday around. Likewise, the food, decor, and music of Christmas are all some of the most comforting things to look forward to all year long. Let’s start with food.

Planning Food and Drink

There’s something so easy about planning food and drinks for a Christmas party. So many who attend a Christmas party are expecting certain things in terms of refreshments and food. For one, a perfect way to get guests in the Christmas spirit is to offer seasonal drinks. That could mean hot chocolate, eggnog, or cocktails with peppermint garnishes. Even a simple pot of coffee can be spruced up by offering holiday creamers, such as mint mocha and gingerbread flavorings.

For food, you’ll have to decide if you are doing a meal, appetizers, or just snacks. Snacks are easy, as many plans for easy eats like nuts, veggie trays, or popcorn go over well. All of these easy to buy snacks are usually packaged for the holidays, in case you are gifting them or using them as a host. For a fun appetizer, consider things like snack trays. Malls, grocery stores, and even big box stores sell meat and cheese trays during the holidays all the time. Likewise, consider your guests and their likes. For a full-fledged sit-down meal, a turkey or ham is often seen as a festive way to share a meal together. They’re also easy to throw in the oven and just let bake, meaning you can focus on other things.

No matter what you offer, it’s best to offer a variety of things that will not only satisfy your party but also keep with the Christmas theme. Think winter, holiday treats, and even Christmas colors.

Music and Entertainment

At a party, you never know what everyone will want to do. Some love making conversation, others like having something to watch or listen to. Christmas, having its own set of music, movies, and entertainment, is an easy party to plan for. Let’s start with music.

Any streaming service like Apple Music and Spotify are going to have every Christmas album you could imagine. Throw on a playlist, a favorite album, or better yet, make a playlist ahead of time of some seasonal favorites! As convenient as a phone or computer can be to play music, a turntable and classic Christmas albums make it even more authentic. Don’t go out of your way to buy one and some records, but if you or someone you know has a turntable and records, reach out to them.

Another great thing to have on during a party is a set of Christmas movies. ABC Family plays Christmas movies all season long, or throw in a DVD or rent something. Plus, Netflix and other streaming services add new Christmas movies every year. You can let the movie play, offering guests a place to watch some holiday favorites. Or, if you want the party to be more about people and conversation, mute it for a simple background picture.

Lastly, Christmas entertainment can be a great way to enjoy the season. This can mean a couple of different things. Christmas themed games are always a hit, such as pinning ornaments on a tree, decorating something as a group, or exchanging gifts in a game like secret Santa or white elephant. If you’re extra artistic, you could have a setup for making ornaments, as well as painting mugs for gifts. If you’re a bit more hands-off, some holiday-themed cards or board games could be a ton of fun. If you really want to knock it out of the park, live music is the most festive entertainment there is, especially if all the guests can sing along.

Decor for the Christmas Party

Decorating for Christmas is some of the best parts of the holiday! Nothing ties together a Christmas party like some decoration essentials. Of course, the first one to tackle is the Christmas tree. This is the staple of indoor decorations, and a lot of fun to decorate. Ornaments can help set a color scheme, or better yet, make a conversation point with all the different designs and styles. If you want to get creative, you can then tackle the front door and maybe even some interior doors. For more tips and tricks on front door decorations check out this great article DIY Front Front Door Decorations

Another great way to make sure the decor is all set for a Christmas party is to utilize the finer details of a party. Tablecloths and napkins feel extra festive when they are bright red, just like Santa’s suit. Likewise, stockings and other figurines can make the entire house feel festive in a subtle yet fun way. Outdoor lights are a fun way to get the whole house in Christmas mood as well. Lights on trees, bushes, and even a wreath above the garage can make the whole home feel like a winter wonderland. Because decor is such a vital part of Christmas decorating, many want to take things to the next level. A great way to do that is doing some eye-catching Christmas door decorations.

For the best in Christmas door decorations, DoorFoto offers full door fabric image wraps that transform the entire door into a decoration piece. Whether its Santa, a winter forest, or a decorative tree, placing a cover from DoorFoto on your door can be the awe-inspiring thing that makes your Christmas party the hit of the holiday season. Browse DoorFoto for all your Christmas door decorations, as well as other major holidays and special events.













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